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The classic definition of retirement is a time when you no longer work. However for some people the idea of no longer working is not an acceptable alternative. These are people who have worked productively throughout their lives and would prefer that their retirement include work because it make their lives more meaningful and provides a purpose for living.

The same definition of retirement need not apply to everyone. One person’s ideal retirement consisting of sleeping late, relaxing in a rocking chair or going fishing would not appeal at all to many others. How you prefer to spend your golden years is a personal choice. Therefore it is understandable that some people would prefer to spend their time doing meaningful work. Of course some people work out of necessity. They did not or were unable to properly prepare financially for retirement. Regardless of the reason, certain changes are suggested to smoothly transition into a retirement career which can extend well into your seventies or beyond.

One way to start planning for a new retirement career is to consider whether the job you are in now is something that you could continue doing in the future. One factor of course is the physical demands of the job. Another is wether the nature of the business you are in is geared to younger people. By thinking this through in advance you can prepare to move into a career that will last and provide a long term income.

A lot of people start new careers later in their lives. Many older people are still creative and want to work in a job where they can use their abilities. For some their prior jobs provided them fully vested retirement accounts and benefits that they can take with them when they move into a new retirement career where they are starting out all over again.

It is not uncommon for some older workers to become successful consultants in the area where they worked for many years utilizing their prior experience and know how. It is also possible to work as a sales rep for one of the suppliers to your old company. For those with in depth technical knowledge about a certain product it might be possible to work for the company that provides that product.

You can also use the internet to promote yourself or to market and sell online. You could set up a website and launch a new business. If you are the creative type you might even sell some craft item that you can make online. You can do it yourself or hire someone experienced in web design and marketing to help you. You might just find yourself with a very successful business.

The possibilities are limitless. By having a business that you can run during your retirement you can work in a meaningful way and make money to spend, enjoying your retirement lifestyle even more. That gives you an advantage over many other retired people. In a lot of ways it is the best of all worlds.

Article by M. Paulson


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