About Us

This website is all about retirement. It’s intended for current retirees including seniors, as well as anyone who is planning for retirement. That includes baby boomers and others who will reach retirement age in large numbers during the next twenty years.

Retirement is important to most people. Almost everyone who is employed and even those who own their own business, dream about a time when they no longer have to work. Instead they can live their life doing what they want, when they what to do it. There are many exciting options and opportunities available in retirement living but advance planning is essential. If you don’t prepare for life after work, you will soon discover your choices are limited.

Our mission is to providing our visitors with information, advice and other resources to help them make the most of their retirement years. In addition to the retirement articles, news, videos, tools, directory and blog, we also have a discussion forum on retirement related topics.

RetirementWeb was first introduced in 2006. After a complete makeover, RetirementWeb.com was re-introduced in 2008. Our current version was launched in May 2013.  Our executive management team includes a former retirement planning professional and Certified Financial Planner, and our staff has extensive knowledge about retirement and on issues affecting seniors and boomers.

We hope you use and enjoy the site and come back often. It is always being updated, so you’re sure to find something new. If you have any comments or suggestions, such as an idea for an article you would like to see included, please let us know.