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Retiring from a job where someone has worked for a long time does not have to be a somber occasion. The transition to retirement can be celebrated in a light hearted manner that make the retiree feel good about this transition in their life. Many times a retirement party is thrown in honor of the person about to retire. This can be a simple celebration or more formal event. In either case a good way to lighten up the party is through the use of retirement gag gifts. They can bring a lot of enjoyment to the retiree and those attending the festivities.

It is important to recognize that most workplaces can stressful even under the most routine of circumstances. When a person who has worked at a business for many years decides to leave, naturally there will some added tension. Goodbye gifts in the form of retirement gag gifts can go a long way to help reduce that stress.

What exactly are retirement gag gifts? Well, generally speaking retirement gag gifts are a kind of prop that relates to something funny about the retiree. This can be about the job itself, a specific work incident that involved the retiree or anything about the retiree personally. The idea is to create good hearted humor but not to be malicious and hurt the feelings of person who is being honored.

There are many options in selecting retirement gag gifts. You can buy them from a vendor who specializes in generic gag gifts, buy a regular or gag gift that you personalize in some manner such as having it engraved, or you can make a gag gift yourself that is customized for the person involved. It is not that difficult to make your own gifts and is often more meaningful to the recipient.

n addition to specific work incidents that can be parodied, things that relate to the retiree’s job can be the source of inspiration for retirement gag gifts. For example a police officer who is retiring might be presented with a fancy revolver that is actually a squirt gun or cigar lighter. Also the impeccably dressed executive might be given an outrageous necktie. These gifts are intended to bring smiles and laughter.

The old notion of a sedentary retirement rings hollow to many modern retirees. One gift idea that parodies this notion is a rocking chair with a humorous saying stenciled on the back, something like “Born to Rock”. You might also take an alternate approach by presenting a motorcycle helmet with a similar inscription. Try to think outside the box.

Someone who is retiring is about to start the next phase of their lives. so think about the kind of activities that they will be enjoying during their retirement. This will also help you select retirement gag gifts. For example, a golfer might beĀ given a golf club head modified to cut grass so they can do their lawn chores while practicing their golf swing. Of course it won’t be use it for that purpose but it will put a smile on the retiree’s face.

These are just a few ideas. Try to be creative but make sure your choices are good natured ribbing and not hurtful. With a little imagination and effort your retirement gag gifts will help turn a retirement party into a truly fun occasion for everyone involved.

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