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It may be one of the last places you had in mind to retire, but more and more people in recent years have been living their retirement dreams in Mexico.

The top spots have always been California, Florida, and Arizona. But because of the popularity of these destinations, the cost of living has gone through the roof. Dreams of a nice home on the golf course have simply fallen through for many people.

Mexico, on the other hand, is very affordable, and it’s easy to find beautiful homes in beautiful places for very reasonable prices. There are some areas, such as Baja California, where many Americans have been retiring, and naturally the prices in those areas have gone up.

But there are many places with friendly locals and lots of things to do that are not yet over-saturated. You can even find places on the coast that are very affordable. Maybe your dream is to live on the beach, and it’s possible in Mexico!

Many retirees might be wary of heading down to Mexico because of concerns with legal issues and citizenship. In fact, the government of Mexico is very welcoming the U.S citizens– frankly because Americans bring a lot of money into the country.

Another concern might be the language barrier. There are many places in Mexico where others have retired or have second homes, and the Americans living there don’t attempt to speak Spanish. They only socialize with other ex-pats and retirees. They shop and go out to English-speaking, Americanized restaurants and resorts. Many make no attempt at learning the language or learning about the rich culture surrounding them.

This is not recommended if you are thinking of making the move to Mexico, as there are several issues you may face if you don’t learn the language. Any legal issues, from closing the deal on your new home to a traffic ticket, will be difficult to navigate if you don’t speak the language.

Besides, isn’t that what retirement is all about– learning new things and daring to see what else is out there? If you’re planning on or thinking about making the move to Mexico, be sure to take a history lesson and start learning Spanish!

What about the quality of health care in Mexico? Of course this is on most retirees’ minds, and with good reason.

The fact is that health care in Mexico is quite good, and many doctors have been trained in the U.S. and speak English. Although Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted in Mexico, many ex-pats choose to join the MSS, which is the Mexican social security plan. It covers medical, dental and vision for about $200 USD per year.

Though there may be a few obstacles, Mexico is a wonderful country that you will want to keep at the top of your list of potential places to retire.

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