How to Downsize Your Home While Upsizing Your Amenities


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The kids have flown the coop and now the two of you are looking to build a smaller nest. But downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading. Today’s mature homebuyers are looking for less square footage, but more comfort, convenience and luxury. After all, life is too short to not love your surroundings. Join the ranks of mature homebuyers nationwide and make your next home your best home with amenities that are great for your golden years.

The Great-er Outdoors

No-mow lawns have sprouted up as a time-, water-, fuel- and money-saving alternative to the traditional lawn. These lawns have been around for over a decade in parks and other public spaces. Now they’re catching on with homeowners — particularly with the growing population of second-homeowners who don’t want to spend their precious getaway weekends mowing the lawn. They’re also becoming popular with mature adults who are simply tired of the rigors and high cost of constant lawn upkeep. No-mow lawns are a mix of several slow-growing fescue grasses that form a dense, tough turf. The grasses develop deep roots, which help them tolerate drought and thrive, even in the shade. No-mow lawns are extremely low maintenance — they need no fertilizer, no watering, and they typically require mowing only once per year.

For homeowners in colder climates who are tired of the hassles and hazards of snow removal, driveway heating systems are an ideal amenity. Radiant driveway heating systems, such as those by Warmzone, Inc. provide heat similar to indoor in-floor heating systems. Heat is delivered with either electric cable (electric systems) or by hot water pumped through plastic tubing (hydronic systems) compacted in the surface. Most driveway heating systems have automatic smart sensors that turn the systems on when it begins to snow, providing great consistency and reliability for snow removal, whether you’re home or not.

Driveway heating systems are not only convenient; these systems are lifesavers, preventing heart attacks, frostbite and back pain commonly associated with snow removal. Driveway heating also greatly reduces injuries due to slips and falls and liability due to such accidents.

Ordinary Extraordinary

Mature adults are finding ways to turn ordinary rooms in their home into extraordinarily indulgent experiences. Shower customization is today’s hottest bathroom trend. Mature homeowners are requesting deluxe bath amenities in new homes, or converting their existing bathrooms into private spa escapes. But keep it safe and install comfortable seating for the shower and include a Home Care by Moen’s handheld shower with a convenient pause function. An extra long hose and hand strap make the shower easy to hold, even for those with limited mobility. Getting into and out of the shower is easier with the new SecureMount grab bar installation system, also from Home Care by Moen. Not only are SecureMount grab bars easy to install thanks to a revolutionary new SecureMount anchor system but they prevent slips and falls in the bathroom. New styles and finishes enhance the room’s décor — looking like decorative pieces, rather than safety devices.

Interior Ingenuity

With many mature adults using their retirement as a time to jet set around the globe, get a second home, or visit children and grandchildren, a convenient, accessible space for luggage is a must. According to trend spotter Les Christie, luggage rooms, which store luggage and travel goods between trips, are one of the top home amenity trends for 2007. Luggage rooms save homeowners the hassles of cramming suitcases in closets or using inconvenient attic storage space.

Another popular amenity for the mature adult is the customized exercise room. After the kids move out and retirement sets in, many older adults are using their spare time (and spare rooms) to get in top shape with customized weight training, cardio machines and even indoor lap pools, which provide a rigorous resistance workout without placing stress on joints and muscles. More out-of-the-box indoor exercise options include a personal dance studio, complete with wood flooring, wall-length mirrors and a stellar sound system; an indoor climbing wall with grips and a safe-landing mat; and an indoor golf simulator for times when you can’t get out to the green.

Mature adults still know how to spice up their bedroom with hot amenities, including fireplaces, heated mattress pads and large-capacity warming cabinets, for blankets, robes, towels and clothing. Convenience-based bedroom trends include a laundry room off of the master suite, remote-controlled window treatments and voice controlled lighting and electronics, making your mature boudoir much more magical than even your childhood bedroom.

Regardless of the size of your home, whether you build new or buy used, filling your empty nest with hot amenities will help to make your golden years as good as gold. All items from the Home Care by Moen line of bath safety products are available nationwide at select retailers such as Lowe’s and Menard’s or at select home health and medical suppliers.

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