Golf Vacations – Finding the Ideal One for You


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If you’re a senior golf enthusiast or even just a weekend warrior then you should consider a golf vacation. It will offer you new scenery and depending on where you go, it can be fun for the entire family. Golf and travel go hand in hand since many golf courses are located in warm weather or touristy areas. Picking a destination really depends on what you’re looking for. Here are some tips to finding the perfect golf outing for you.

Many golfers would like the opportunity to play on courses where the pros have played. For them a true golf vacation would be paying on the same courses Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods have teed off. This is possible though some courses are only open to members so it’s beneficial to know someone who belongs to these prominent clubs.

For other golfers, an ideal golf trip depends more on the weather than the destination. If you live in a cold weather city then maybe a tropical destination such as Florida or Hawaii would be ideal. If something cool and dry is preferred then maybe Las Vegas or Phoenix in the winter time. All of these destinations have award winning golf courses that are sure to fulfill your “need for green”.

Some golfers like to try their hand at golf courses with a new challenge. That can be golfing in the snow or at night. There are certain golf courses that cater specifically to these kinds of challenging games. There are glow in the dark balls for night golf and florescent balls for snow golf so they are easier to find (but still more difficult).

There may be a course near you that offers these types of golfing but you can also combine it and make a vacation out of it. Lake Tahoe in California and Aspen in Colorado are perfect vacation spots for the snow golf enthusiast. Make sure you bring a thermos of coffee and warm clothes.

For most golfers they are just satisfied to play at a new course with other golf friends. They play for fun and compliment or razz each other depending in the shot. Many times they play pairs and socialize between holes. This can be a cross country flight to a tropical destination or just a road trip with an overnight stay at a resort.

There are a few golfers who prefer to hit the green by themselves and find the opportunity to improve their game an ideal vacation. They will take the time to walk the course and challenge themselves. Sometimes they will purposely find non-ideal weather so they can practice their skills.

In any case, a golf vacation (or even just an outing) can be the break you need to enjoy gold and get away from the stress of everyday life.

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