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(ARA) – Today, more and more baby boomers are finding themselves single, whether it’s due to divorce, personal choice or other circumstances. This means that an increasing number of these single boomers are dating once again, with up to 70 percent dating on a regular basis according to the AARP. While navigating the dating world can be difficult at any age, it can bring unique challenges and opportunities to baby boomers.

Dr. John Gray, communication and relationships expert and best-selling author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, has partnered with, an informational Web site for baby boomers, to provide advice for boomers who are thinking about dating again or who have recently entered into a new relationship.

“Meeting someone new can be an awkward situation, no matter how old you are,” says Dr. Gray. “But dating should be fun, and having a better understanding of the process in relation to your age can help anyone enjoy successful dating experiences.”

Dr. Gray has identified what he refers to as the “five stages of dating,” which help to explain the common relationship phases couples might experience at any age.

• Attraction: This is the time to date around and not hurry into a serious relationship. “At this point, try to have a good time with dating and create a series of positive dating experiences,” says Dr. Gray. “This also lets someone determine what kinds of people he or she might find interesting or stimulating.”

• Uncertainty: Strong feelings could emerge once two people decide they really like each other. This could include feelings of uncertainty. It is important to remember that first doubts can be a normal part of the dating process.

• Commitment: Before two people decide they are going to be in an exclusive relationship they need to discuss their situation. Often one partner believes they have an exclusive relationship, but until they talk about it with their partner, nothing can be certain. Once two people agree to a committed relationship, men begin to relax.

“Men won’t give as much in this stage because they feel like they’ve already done all the work they need to do,” says Dr. Gray. “Women, however, still need to feel

appreciated, and so they tend to give more than they get. This is a mistake and can make women feel resentful.” Men should continue to do little things that will make women feel special, while women need to lead balanced lives and not get completely wrapped up in the relationship. “Think of men as a dessert, not the main course.”

• Intimacy: During this stage, couples open up and share everything. “Couples can often misinterpret one another at this point in the relationship, as they’re usually revealing a lot,” says Dr. Gray. “That’s why it’s important not to rush to this stage.”

• Engagement: This stage can be one of the best times for a couple. It allows them to be fully bonded without having to deal with the burden and responsibilities of sharing a household. “This is the perfect time for a couple to create a lot of positive memories with each other, which will last for many years,” he adds.

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