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(ARA) – As we move closer to what will be a virtually cashless society, the number of ways we will be able to use credit will continue to increase. This trend underscores the importance of selecting the right kind of credit card that offers the features, tools, services and rewards that are designed around the specific ways you choose to use credit. Consumers can ensure they are getting more from their credit card by keeping the following recommendations in mind.

Relevant Account Management Features

The more you use your credit card, the more important it is to have complete control over your account. For example, selecting a credit card that lets you choose your own payment date, or even schedule your payments in advance, is a great way to manage your monthly finances on your own terms. Card programs that offer e-mail alerts that remind you when your due date is approaching or when you are reaching your credit limit are also useful for keeping your payments and spending on track.

Maximize Your Rewards

Today’s rewards cards provide all the conveniences of a credit card along with great offerings like cash back, discounts on select merchandise, miles and more. But with so many options to choose from, the key is finding a credit card rewards program that offers easy ways to accelerate those rewards, based on how you use credit. For example, the Discover More Card offers the Get More program, which lets cardmembers get 5 percent “Cashback Bonus” in popular categories that change four times a year like gas, travel, apparel, restaurants, movies and more. This program is appealing to millions of consumers, since the categories rotate and coincide with their spending patterns during the year.

Make Your Money Go Further

Many credit cards allow customers to opt for either rewards points or cash back on their purchases. But when it comes to using those rewards, flexible redemption options are just as important, such as the ability to redeem rewards as a statement credit, a direct deposit or gift card.

Look For Extras

Many cards offer additional benefits beyond cash back on your regular purchases. For example, some cards offer:

• Discounts of 5 to 20 percent off when you shop at top online retailers
• The opportunity to increase, and even double your rewards when you redeem them for brand-name gift cards or e-certificates * Cash over your purchase at the register without paying a transaction fee
• Free travel benefits such as accident insurance or access to a helpful travel hotline

Some cards even boast all these features. Make sure to pick a card that offers a strong package of meaningful discounts, extra perks and relevant benefits.

Select a Card that’s Backed by Exceptional Customer Service

Being able to get help with your account 24/7 is critical. Online help options are important, but also make sure your credit card company has a good reputation for fast and knowledgeable customer service. You want to make sure that a representative is committed to solving any issues in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Use Your Card with Confidence

People are using credit cards in more places and in more ways than ever before, so it’s critical to protect yourself from unauthorized charges or fraud. Make sure your credit card offers advanced and convenient fraud protection, especially a $0 fraud liability guarantee that ensures you are never held responsible for unauthorized charges — online or offline, anytime and anywhere.

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