Do You Think Green When You Travel?


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Think “green” when you travel? Eco-tourism is a growing movement that encourages environmentally responsible travel around the world.

“Regardless of where you plan to visit this summer, being kind to Mother Nature during your travels is easier than you may think,” said Jeanenne Diefendorf, Orbitz Travel Insider. “Whether you rent a hybrid car, choose to offset your carbon emissions, or spend a week cleaning beaches, eco-friendly travel is a growing trend that everyone can contribute to on many different levels.”

Making big contributions to the environment on your own can often seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of simple things any traveler can do to make a difference when you’re on the road.

• Conserve at home while you’re away. Before you leave for vacation, turn down the thermostat, lower the water heater, and stop newspaper delivery for the duration of your trip.

• Stay at a “green” hotel. Many lodging properties use wind and solar power as energy sources or purchase only environmentally-friendly products, such as “green” detergents for linens and soaps. Check out to find eco-friendly hotels in your destination city.

• Rent a hybrid car. Write your favorite rental car company and tell them you want to rent a hybrid vehicle. Some rental companies are already offering hybrid rentals in certain areas of the world. Some eco-friendly hotels even offer free parking to guests who are driving these efficient vehicles.

• Offset your carbon footprint. If you’re flying or driving, you’re contributing to carbon dioxide emissions already in the environment. CO2 emissions are a major cause of global climate change. Check out non-profit organizations

ike that allow you to contribute to carbon-offsetting initiatives such as reforestation projects and renewable energy programs.

• Get involved. Whether its one day or one week, spend some of your vacation time giving back to the local environment in the community you visit. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful and help is always needed for activities such as trail maintenance and beach clean-up.

So, whether you’re off to see the lights of New York City or the depths of the Grand Canyon, make this summer vacation a green one!

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