Caregiving – Role Reversal for Parents and Children


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As children, many of us took for granted the countless hours of hard work our parents endured to ensure we grew into happy, healthy and respectable adults. By the time most people enter their early twenties it becomes very apparent how much time and dedication is needed to take care of another life almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is there ever a time when you have the opportunity to show your parents just how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you over the years? Absolutely.

Giving Back

As parents age, they become more reliant on their children to help with everyday activities. It becomes evident that your parents need help with simple tasks like driving to their doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping or paying the bills. When these things start taking place, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your parents the same respect they showed you growing up. It’s time to step up and start taking care of them.


Taking care of your parents (especially if they live in your home) is physically and emotionally exhausting and will likely impact your life in a very big way. It’s important to realize that you’re not alone. Millions of families struggle with in-home care but the care you give now will make your parent’s final years so much better and will give you peace of mind once they’re gone.

Besides coping with common conditions many elderly men and women face (dementia, arthritis, incontinence etc.), other obstacles like taking care of their finances, making sure they take their medication and providing them with proper nutrition also come into play. Basically, everything your parents have been maintaining up until this point now falls onto your shoulders.

Overcoming the Barriers

As your parents become older and require more and more care, helping them on a regular basis begins to take its toll on you. Your first priority will generally be your parent’s needs (much like you were your parents’ first priority when you were a child) but you need to make sure your health is in good condition. How are you going to help your parents if you can’t help yourself?

If you feel as though the burden is becoming too much, there are several alternatives to consider. Contacting an in-home nursing company is probably your best option.

Generally, nurses will come once or twice a day (or a few times a week, depending on how much help you need) to take some of the pressure off you and allow time for you to take care of yourself (got to the spa, the gym etc.).

Another alternative to consider is a nursing home. While many seniors are hesitant to enter a nursing home, it could end up being the best option for everyone involved. Senior homes offer nursing care, social activities, meals and more and will allow you to live your life normally again.

Peace of Mind

Caring for your parents as they become older is very rewarding. At the end of the day, you know you did your best to make sure that they continue to live their lives as easily and worry-free as possible. The peace of mind that knowing you had the opportunity to give them back what they gave you all those years is priceless.

Article by Mary Sanders

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