After Retirement Separation – Life Just Get’s Better


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Life after retirement separation can be a very lonely one especially if you have no family of your own. You tend not to go out as often as you did when you were a couple. You may also have a complex that being older is harder and more difficult to meet new people. This may be so for many people but do not forget that are hundreds of people out there that are in the same situation as yourself. They too are lonely and without a partner after retirement separation.

You must think positive after retirement separation and not let standards drop or you may get into a rut and become depressed. Your appearance is very important and will show to others that you still care about yourself. Your hair, make up, clothes and accessories all say a lot about you as a person. They reflect your personality as well as your presentation.

You may wish to join a club to try and meet new people. There are many clubs and social events you could attend after retirement separation. Firstly there are specialised clubs like ballroom dancing for example whereby you do not have to have a partner as you can meet one there. Then there are hobby clubs like petanque and bowls again no partner is necessary as you will make new friends there. There are also travel clubs most of which give you the option of either taking a friend with you or go it alone and meet new friends. After retirement separation may not be so lonely after all as you could get together with a new friend or even organise an event with a group of your new found friends.

Holidays are another avenue to explore as you will be more likely to meet someone who enjoys the same sort of things that you do. It is by making choices for yourself that you will feel more positive about yourself.

You may also consider taking on a pet as they can be great company for you. A cat is an easy option as they will come and go as they please and do not need walking regularly like a dog does. But if you enjoy walking and could give a dog your time and space then this can be very rewarding because you will meet people out walking and have a new circle of friends with which to share your doggie stories with.

Perhaps you would like to do voluntary work for charity shops, clubs and events. There are also the neighbours, there nay be a neighbour in your street or on your estate that is also looking for that after retirement separation new life. The list of things to do and places to visit to meet new friends is endless.

You may also of been thinking of extending a hobby of yours over the years and now that you have more free time on your hands to do as you wish, this may be the right time to perhaps start your own business in whatever field you choose. Again, by exhibiting your chosen hobby after retirement separation you will be able to make new friends easily as they will come to you because that is also their interest. Your business may bloom and who knows you may even want to take on an extra pair of hands to use as well as to hold. After retirement separation can be rewarding in many ways as now you have more free time to share and enjoy with others. Friendship after retirement separation can be fun, so make the most of what you have and enjoy life to the full.

Article by Jenny Clair

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