A Senior Friend is a Friend Indeed


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As we journey through life we travel through many different stages from childhood to seniority, we meet various people that become our friends but you cannot beat the true value of a senior friend.

A mature friend understands the expedition that you have traveled as they have also walked along the same path. Both of you have so many adventures to discuss and have witnessed so many,( maybe too many) changes, some good some bad, along the way.

You have experienced the joys that life has to offer; perhaps one of these was when you initially encountered your now old friend. Have you journeyed through life together? Always being there for one another when needed? Always offering that shoulder to cry on when times were bad? Or has your senior friend only recently entered into your life?

If your friend has been by your side throughout the epic adventure that is life then this is a true friendship that you are lucky to have. Many people are not fortunate enough to experience a friendship like this. A friendship where you know each other so well and trust each other implicitly is truly precious. A true friend should be cherished for they are valuable.

With all that modern day life throws at us these days to enter into your senior years alone a very daunting thought. This is where your friend comes into play, someone to reassure you and be there for you. A senior friend has seen enough of life to concern themselves about the trivial things. It is your senior friend who will not fall out with you because you used their make-up or borrowed their favorite skirt without asking. That can be left to the teenagers of the world; a senior friend has more dignity than that!

When I was growing up my granddad was my closest friend , always offering me advice and acting the fool, he was on the end of the phone whenever I needed him. Mum told me one day that he was very poorly and developed Alzheimer’s disease, he does not remember us now. When we visit I act as though he is still my best friend and that he is just as he was.

The senior friend in your life will not ask much of you, just companionship more than anything. Someone to chat to about the ‘old days’ when once teenagers are now¬†seniors, discuss the way life used to be. How much the world has altered over the years, perhaps talk about the friends that is not with you today.

The senior years are a point in your life for reflection, contemplation and rumination. To ponder thoughts of what might have been, your senior friend is someone experiencing the same emotions as you who have reached the same point in their journey as you have.

Celebrate the twilight years; they are as precious as you are. Never look back in regret just look back with pride and celebrate the fact that both you and your senior friend are here today.

Article by Chaim Golz

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